About Us

Michael was born in the rugged North Yorkshire fishing town of Whitby where observation of surroundings and climate change come as second nature. Having worked in the photographic world all his life, Michael took up photography seriously around twenty years ago, prior to this, taking and developing his own black and white photographs in The Sutcliffe Gallery darkroom as a teenager in the 1970s. Digital format photography was the catalyst which inspired him to seek his own style.

Amongst the artists in photography who have impressed and influenced Michael over the years are his father Bill Eglon Shaw, Ansel Adams, Joe Cornish, and of course, Frank Meadow Sutcliffe (Mike is now the curator of the Sutcliffe collection).

Although Michael uses 'Photoshop' for image processing, he prefers the minimum of manipulation and enhancement. Natural light and atmosphere are more important. However, the control over the final image is a great technical advantage. To make a photograph a 'picture', the requirements are the same as those for a good painting: light, atmosphere, composition ... and of course, subject matter. Patience and persistence can pay dividends.

Back in the 'digital darkroom' technical creativity can take time. In general, the less alteration and manipulation the better, but taking time to crop the image,brighten or sharpen it, can make the world of difference.

By using only the finest quality materials, life-time colourfastness is guaranteed. Giclee images are produced in a bespoke manner, in almost any size. Transferred onto canvas, Mike's photographs take on another dimension.

As a continuation of a life-long interest in art,
Mike's wife Tricia now contributes to the collection of photographs published by Flowergate Gallery -see image references 'TAS'.